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How good are you at solving puzzles?
Slingsters is a series of 2D physics-based logic puzzles with dozens of levels featuring cute monsters. Embark on an exciting adventure and slingshot cute monsters back into their boxes to move to each new level.

Each levels brings a puzzle that's incremental more difficult, so put your mind to the test and solve each puzzle to uncover great surprises, big adventures and tricky challenges!. the More you play the more difficult each Level becomes, so player beware!
  • Physics-based gameplay: Slingsters features a unique physics-based approach in which the goal is to slingshot tiny monster until they are safely captured. Collect stars along the way, interact with the environment and complete tasks to clear a level.
  • Adorable Characters: Play with beautifully crafted, cute tiny monsters each with its own special ability and storyline! These cute characters make the game suitable for all ages.


  • Multiple levels: Slingsters has 30+ re-playable levels that increase in difficulty as you solve one and advance to the next. Each level offers a unique physics puzzle that never repeats.
  • Incredibly Vivid Graphics: Aside from addictive, physics, puzzle gameplay; Slingsters has amazing vivd graphics that will captivate the eyes of all ages. From carefully crafted level elements, to fluid animations and realistic STEAM science based in physics accompanied by a perfect soundtrack, you're in for a joyful scientific adventure.


Once Shu's ability is activated, it can ricochet off screen edges and other physical objects.

Ricochet Ability


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